Senlak Chunky Scarf

Senlak Chunky Scarf

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• Chunky knit scarf
• White Dragon and Senlak branding
• Smoke grey
Senlak - English Inspired.

Material: 100% acrylic

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Smoke grey heavy knitted scarf with White Dragon and Senlak branding.

The Senlak White Dragon logo is inspired by The White Dragon of the Anglo-Saxons - the oldest known emblem of the English dating back well over a millennia. The arrow shape that appears on the label is the runic symbol for the early English god Tiw. We name Tuesday after him (Tiw's Day). His symbol was said to evoke honour and courage and he was the protector of all warriors, but was also said to watch over the disabled, and the left-handed. The wording at the bottom of the patch reads in Old English "Good is he who keeps faith"

Read more about the White Dragon of the English here.


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