Traditional Horn Mug - Medium

Traditional Horn Mug - Medium

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  • Hand crafted in Cumbria, England by skilled horn carvers (not a cheap import!)

  • Traditionaly made Horn product

  • Medium Size

  • Enjoy your favourite pint and raise a toast in this hand carved natural product

  • As seen on Game of Thrones

    Size: 85mm x 180mm





Horn product traditionaly made by skilled carvers in Cumbria, England. Enjoy your favourite pint and raise a toast in this hand carved natural product.

Our horn beer mugs are hand made in England from a single piece of cow horn which is cut out to shape, heated and then shaped to form a handle. A wooden base is then added using a food-safe resin. Suitable for all cold drinks. Every one is unique!

Horn, as a material for producing drinking vessels, has a long history amongst the ancient peoples of Europe. There is direct evidence of its use by the English, from art and literature, going back well over a 1000 years.  Horn mugs would have been used for everything from ceremonial drinking and feasting in the great hall to everyday use by the soldier on campaign. A panel from the Bayeux tapestry shows King Harold feasting with his warriors, and drinking from horn.

The traditional Anglo-Saxon toast was “Waes Hael”, meaning “Good Health” or “Be well”. Traditionally the toast is answered with a roar of “Drink Heal”.
“Waes Hael! Drinc Hael! Let us gather in our halls and drink like men, to celebrate love and kinship, warmth, and the company of the brave.”

Great for the summer bbq!