Traditional Polished Drinking Horn - Large

Traditional Polished Drinking Horn - Large

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  • Hand crafted in Cumbria, England by skilled horn carvers

  • Traditionaly made Horn product

  • Leather belt holster included

    Size: 90mm x 510mm - 640mm

    "Advice must be given, rune written, song sung, fame earned, judgment pronounced, raise your horn and seize this day"



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Polished ox horn product traditionaly made by skilled carvers in Cumbria, England. Leather belt holder included. 

Drinking horns have a long history amongst the ancient peoples of Europe and have been a part of English culture for well over 1000 years. For the rich and powerful they were often ornately crafted and decorated with silver and gold mounts. They were clearly one of the most prestigious possessions and would have been used for ceremonial drinking and feasting in a great hall. A panel from the Bayeux tapestry shows King Harold feasting with his warriors, three of whom are drinking from horns.
The traditional Anglo-Saxon toast was “Waes Hael”, meaning “Good Health” or “Be well”. Traditionally the toast is answered with a roar of “Drink Heal”.
“Waes Hael! Drinc Hael! Let us gather in our halls and drink like men, to celebrate love and kinship, warmth, and the company of the brave.”