English Greats

  • The Venerable Bede
  • Alfred the Great
  • King Athelstan
  • King Harold II
  • Wat Tyler
  • Elizabeth I
  • Sir Francis Drake
  • William Shakespeare
  • William Blake
  • Lord Admiral Nelson
  • Jem Mace
  • Sir Winston Churchill

Maybe it's because of our English arrogance, but we tend to think that we have produced more great or famous people than any other nation. Maybe we have, maybe we haven't. But how many famous Dutchmen can you name? What about Belgians? Portuguese or Hungarian? Well, maybe they aren't too clued up on anyone from our country either. But the fact remains, how many times have you been in some far flung corner of the globe when some recently discovered tribe member realises you're from England and comes out with that old chestnut "Ingleeesh! Aaahhh, Babbi Chal-tin" (for people with an IQ below 5, the answer is below).

So, we've put together a small list of the good and the great (more are being added all the time). Some you will know others you may not. These are people who have helped spread our influence, culture and status. These are people who have changed the course of history - people who have left there mark in England, if not the world. Learn their names and remember that they represent all that is best in our great nation and that part of each of them still exists today in every Englishman.

(Answer: "English! Ah yes, the penny has dropped... Bobby Charlton")


Famous Battles

  • Battle of Brananburgh
  • Battle of Hastings
  • Battle of Halidon Hill
  • Battle of Crecy
  • Battle of Neville's Cross
  • Battle of Agincourt
  • Battle of Flodden Field
  • Battle of Lowestoft

From the very earliest days of English history, whether on the battlefield at Hastings or as a Tommy in the British Army, the English soldier has fought almost constantly for the past 1500 years. He has been involved in every major conflict and fought on every continent.

The martial spirit of our people is something of which to be proud, but it is sometimes hard to reconcile that a country that prides itself on its common sense and the value that it places on restraint and tolerance is, even in modern times, so predisposed to drunken violence and mass thuggery. By reading through the list of quotations that we've put together on this site it is clear that, far from being a recent phenomenon, it is actually one of our more enduring traits. Whether you like it or not, it is the flip side of the same coin that makes up the English character. As recognisable today as it has been for the last 1500 years.

Without trying to excuse it (and it's certainly no comfort to the many who have been totally innocent victims of it), it may be that some of the same character traits that appear when we see English football hooligans battling with opposing fans or foreign riot police, are the same character traits that have brought us so many victories on the battlefield over the last millennium.

Following football violence in Turin, Jeremy Paxman in his book "The English" quotes the writer Bill Burford as he watched a mob of English football hooligans being chased by fully armed Italian riot police. "The chase continued until someone shouted that they were all English, and that the English don't run. The hooligans came abruptly to a halt, turned around and charged back into the Italian police". From Crecy and Agincourt through to the D-Day landings and Goosegreen, how many times has this type of mentality saved the day? These were not places for shrinking violets and, in the long run, each battle helped assure our independence and our very way of life.

Following the violence Mr. Burford was asked by an Italian, "Why do you English behave like this? Is it because you are an island race? Is it because you don't feel European? Is it because you lost the Empire?".

Paxman goes on to say that, "The only honest answer he could have given is that it's how part of the English population has always been. Far from being ashamed of their behaviour, they see fighting and drunkenness as part of their birthright. It is the way they proclaim their identity".

Whether we like it or not, it is a fact that fighting is something we have always done. For better or for worse, it is an undeniable part of what we are.


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